The Kawa Cultural centre develops on its own initiative and also hosts on the enterprise of  others organizers,a variety of activities in the form of  artist-in-residence, live performances, workshops, rehearsals, exhibitions, conferences, film screenings and receptions. Adapted and personalized services are provided throughout the year, according to your requirements.

Artists, profit or non profit organizations, institutions, promoters, touristic agencies, individuals are all welcome to take the opportunity of this space to develop their artistic and cultural activities.

Opportunities for the artists:

Exhibition, artist-in-residence, workshop, collaboration, exploration, documentary, live performance, tour…Kindly submit your projects to Marie-Noëlle Jaffré. She would be delighted to discuss with you how we can help make your projects possible.

Opportunities for corporate and private:

Evening receptions and dinners with a private concert are available. Spaces are also available for daytime hire. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Opportunities for the events companies, festivals, clubs, etc:

A selection of  artists is available in India for live performances, collaborations. Kindly contact us for more information and booking. You can also hire the space for your own events.

Opportunities for the visitors:

According to the events, you can take part of some activities proposed at the Kawa Cultural Centre.

To book the Kawa Cultural Centre, kindly submit an application by email to : kawaculturalcentre@gmail.com or call to this following number +91 (0)98295 03486


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