Nrityagram Dance Ensemble touring in Europe.

The Nrityagram Dance Ensemble

Nrityagram Dance Ensemble presents exceptional dancers of Odissi, one of the most ancient dance from East of India. Odissi was performed by the devadasis, the “servants” of the temple.

Due to many controversies with political and social issues, this style of dance was almost disappearing… before a recent recognition as a form of art.

Nrityagram, fonded by the late Protima Bedi, in Karnataka, contributes to the revival of the Odissi dance. The performers are trained in a full devotion in their art with a complete education including yoga, meditation, martial arts and of course dance.

The choregrapher-dancer: Surupa Sen and the dancer: Bijayini Satpathy. accompanied by four eminent musicians, bring a powerful and innovative dimension to this ancestral dance, where devotion rimes with simplicity, femininity with divinity and dance with excellence.

The result is rich, captivating and exquisite.

Nrityagram performs regularly in India, U.S. and Europe with an amazing response at Edinburgh Festival in 2011 and a first presentation in France at Festival d’Ile de France in September 2014.


“Hypnotic…” Nrityagram Dance Ensemble by Judith Makrell – The Guardian 2011

“…the presence of the divine…” Infinite Body

“The mix was thrilling, dizzying” by Brian Seibert – The New York Times 2013


AVAILABILITY IN EUROPE in 2015-2016-2017

Representative Marie-Noëlle Jaffré


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