Kaushiki Chakrabarti : European tour

Kolkata, considered as the cultural capital of India, perpetuates until today ancestral artistic heritage.

The Indian classical music is very well cultivated and eminent musicians emerge from the traditional learning known as taleem (an urdu word for education) sustained by dedicated music masters : guru to their devoted disciples: shishya.

Kaushiki Chakrabarti has been trained at a very early age by her parents both singers: Chandana and the renowned Ajoy Chakrabarti from the Patiala gharana and grew up amidst the greatest musicians of Kolkata. From the age of ten, the master Gnan Prakash Ghosh nurtured Kaushiki’s voice with the technical brilliance of the Hindustani music but also in the devotion to the art.

Kaushiki is one of the brightest female vocalists of the new generation of the great masters of the Hindustani classical music.

Over the last decade, Kaushiki has been honored by several distinctions like Jadu Bhatta in 1995, BBC Radio 3 « World music Award (Asia/Pacific) » in 2005 and acclaimed all over India and beyond, by connoisseurs.

Kaushiki Chakrabarti touches the soul of her listeners by the purity of her voice, her melodicious expression and the deep essence of her music.

the leading female Hindustani classical vocalist of her generation.” Tehelka. Sep 25, 2010. Shubho Deb

“Aussi virtuose qu’inspirée!!!!”  France Musique 2014

Kaushiki Chakraborty performed recently at the Festival d’Ile de France, near Paris to great applause.

Kaushiki Chakraborty is represented in Europe by Marie-Noelle Jaffre. Contact kawaculturalcentre@gmail.com

Availability : 2015-2016-2017


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